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Please complete this application by typing responses in the field below. Only completed applications will be considered for the award. It is highly recommended that details regarding the project are edited elsewhere and then pasted into the below fields.

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Student Name
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Faculty Mentor
Must be a member of the ordinary (tenure or tenure-track) faculty.
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Mentor Phone Number
Briefly (250 words) describe your proposed project. This summary should be for a general audience, avoiding technical language when possible.
Please describe (1500-2000 words) your research question(s) and describe your research plan. All references should be made in accordance with APA style.
Budget and Budget Justification: List your requested budget items, prices and sufficient details of the calculations used to arrive at your request. Approved travel will be reimbursed at the standard GSA per diem rates. Round to the nearest dollar and be sure to include all shipping costs. Include a justification for each item: Why are these resources required?
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